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What Does Your Online Audience Want to See?

  Your online ads, social media posts and SEO tools all need to be designed to drive your audience to your website. Getting your potential new clients to go to your website is only part of the equation, once they are on your website you need to meet their expectations.   Keep in mind that many


Marketing Versus Sales

Marketing and Sales are frequently confused and often considered interchangeable. In reality they are two very different things. Marketing and Sales do compliment each other, however their roles in generating new business are distinct. Marketing is used to create an interest in your firm’s services, sales is the process of converting a prospect into a


Improving SEO Through Long-Tail Keywords

For law firms, especially smaller ones, it is difficult to compete with the big boys online.  Using common keywords is highly competitive and expensive.  One way smaller firms can compete online is by using long-tail keywords.  Long-tail keywords are more specific than general keywords.  They drive less traffic but tend to generate a higher quality


6 Law Firm Marketing Statistics


Tips to Become a Star Virtual Presenter

The demand for virtual presentations soared during the pandemic in 2020.  Studies suggest that this trend has become a fundamental part of marketing strategies and is here to stay.  While marketing channels like video and podcasting are constantly changing, the good news is that the fundamentals of a good presentation never change. The key components


Keyword Stuffing vs Keyword Clusters

Most firms are aware that keywords drive SEO but understanding the difference between keyword stuffing and keyword clusters will greatly influence your SEO results. In a nutshell, keyword stuffing is the practice of using high search keywords that are not relevant to your content.  Keyword clusters are a way to capture slightly different search intent.  


Your Best In House Marketing Tool

Usually when law firms think of marketing, they consider all the various marketing channels, platforms, formats and technical aspects of creating and distributing their story to a wide audience. Rarely does a law firm consider their staff as one of their marketing channels.  That’s unfortunate, because the most successful law firms understand that their office


Should You Start a Podcast?

It seems that everyone has their own podcast these days. So the question many lawyers ask themselves is when they should start a podcast but maybe they should be asking whether they should start a podcast at all. Podcasts can be hugely successful for increasing SEO but not everyone should use this marketing channel for


Building a Process to Get More Online Reviews

We all know reviews are an important component of improving SEO and attracting new clients.  But, do you know how important reviews are? According to a 2020 Survey by BrightLocal, “87% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses in 2020 – up from 81% in 2019.” Furthermore, “73% of consumers only pay attention to


The Bridge to SEO Success

It’s often said that the bridge from failure to success is persistence.  In the world of SEO I would revise that slightly and say the bridge from failure to success is consistency.  So many law firms trying to improve SEO start strong and either quit completely, don’t stay consistent with content or they jump from


Google Changes How Your Ads Reach People

Google announced yesterday that it will phase out the practice of allowing businesses to track individuals on the internet through cookies by next year.  It also promised to deliver an alternative practice which will focus on groups with similar interests rather than individuals. This is Google’s attempt to create a program that is less privacy


Is Your Marketing Team Harming Your SEO Rankings?

If you have noticed that your SEO results quickly went up when you hired your marketing team/ agency and now your SEO ranking is declining, your marketing team/ agency may be to blame.  Many marketing agencies promote themselves as SEO “experts” and promise quick results to law firms.  Who doesn’t want quick results?  Seems like


Why You Need Value Propositions to Convert Leads

Generating leads through your marketing campaigns is only one part of getting new clients. To turn your marketing calls into clients you need to utilize value propositions. These propositions are designed to continue engaging the prospect at every step and move them closer to hiring your firm.  Charles Revlon, the founder of Revlon, was known


The #1 Way to Increase Lead Conversion

There are few things more frustrating for a law firm than seeing their phones ringing but not seeing any increases in revenue.  I’ll let you in on a secret, it’s even more frustrating as a marketing professional to see one of my clients experiencing this situation.  Why? Well if the phones are ringing I know


Is Your CRM Keeping Up?

  In today’s data-driven environment having a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system that can keep up is fundamental to success for law firms. How do you know if your CRM is keeping up with your marketing campaigns and client needs? Ask yourself some questions: Are you able to keep up with new client leads? Can


Short Form Video as a Visual Marketing Channel

  YouTube recently announced that it is launching YouTube “Shorts” in the U.S. in March 2021. Youtube is an online marketing powerhouse so it’s no surprise that they are adding a short form update to their platform. YouTube shorts can be compared to TikTok as a visual channel.  “Shorts” is a short-form, vertical format that

Keyword Research

Keyword Research Basics

  Selecting keywords that best fit your audiences intent is the foundation for a successful SEO strategy.  It can appear overwhelming to select successful keywords that are effective and efficient.  However, if you break this process down into a few steps it will make more sense and produce valuable keywords. The first part of this

Winning with Clients

Achieving a Win-Win With Your Marketing Agency

  So often when I talk to prospective new clients they tell me they’ve tried other marketing agencies and they just didn’t work.  If they are willing to tell me what agencies they’ve tried in the past I will look them up and determine why they may not have been a good “fit” for them. 


Why Facebook Needs to Be Part Of Your SEO Strategy

  We’ve all heard of Facebook and most of us have personal profiles listed there.  What many people may not know is that Facebook is the #2 most used social media platforms in the US. 74% of users access FB daily. The #1 most used social media platform is YouTube (see my previous article for


The SEO Balancing Act of Virtual Offices

  Many business trends developed or were fast-tracked due to Covid-19. One primary trend that accelerated was people using the internet more to interact with professionals, including attorneys. By using the internet for meetings new opportunities were created for law firms in 2020 opening up markets further away from their primary office. These markets are


Creating an Influential FAQ Page

  The FAQ page on your website is one of the most visited areas.  To create an influential FAQ page that improves SEO, provides value for your visitors and is easy to navigate, you need to put a lot of time and thought into it. Content is important of course, but design is equally critical. 

Value Creates Trust

Providing Value Creates Trust

  It seems almost daily we read about new cases of fraud being perpetrated on consumers.  If only these stories were fake news. Sadly they are not. No wonder people are skeptical about their professional relationships. To create meaningful relationships with clients firms need to provide value.  If you can provide value, you build trust

Internet Search

The SEO Holy Grail: Predicting User Intent

  Understanding and predicting users intent when the search online is the “Holy Grail” of SEO marketing.  Ultimately you want to have a primary understanding behind a user’s intent and then build pages and ads that fulfill that intent.  Everyone who conducts an online search has a goal in mind. Without understanding the user’s goals

2021 Marketing Trends

2021 Top 5 Marketing Trends for Law Firms

  Some big marketing trends were accelerated in 2020 but even after the pandemic passes those trends will remain significant. Here are the top 5 trends that we expect to continue in 2021. Increased Personalization Of Messaging. With more people spending longer blocks of time online, crafting a personalized message in 2021 will be an

Boosting SEO with Images

Using Images to Boost Organic SEO

Images as content delivers higher organic SEO results and this trend continues to increase.  In 2020, 27.3% or google inquiries returned images in results (Google Stats). Creating a content strategy without specific plans for using images is detrimental to your organic SEO goals. Simply posting pictures on your website or inserting photos within written content

Local Business Map

How To Create a Meaningful Local Presence

  Creating a meaningful local presence is essential to building and growing your business. One of the most effective ways to build a local presence is by creating a Google My Business (GMB) account. The best part… it’s free!  A GMB page isn’t just a good idea, it’s a must for small business. Prior to


Is It Time to Break Up With Your Marketing Agency?

Many professional relationships change over time.  Sometimes knowing when to pursue a new marketing relationship is difficult, especially if you have a long history with your current agency. So when do you know it’s time to find a new marketing partner? The first step is to perform an honest audit of your current marketing relationship(s).

Killling ROI

Is your Staff Killing Your Marketing Results?

One of the most frustrating scenarios I encounter as a marketing professional is a client who is not getting a strong ROI (Return on Investment). This is especially true when the analytical data shows a strong number of leads generated for their campaign. How is it that I see an excellent result and my client

Marketing for Startups

Marketing Strategies for Startups

  We can all agree that 2020 has been a year like no other!  In spite of the extraordinary challenges in 2020, it was a 13 year high for business startups according to Business Insider. New businesses need to invest their money wisely, especially when it comes to their marketing strategy. For small businesses and

Duplicate Content

How Duplicate Content Hurts Your SEO

  Many websites are based on templates which is a great way to create a consistent design. Templates can be modified to meet the specific design needs of clients and many clients in similar industries have websites with similar templates.  No problem here as long as the design is templated. However, when content is not