Why You Need Google Search Console


If you haven’t heard of Google Search Console (GSC) maybe you recognize its previous name, Webmaster Tools.  As a digital marketer I am surprised at how many law practices have not set up Google Search Console for their website. Your website will still be found and will rank without signing up, but you will miss out on a FREE service that will help you understand how Google sees your website and content.

By using the GSC platform you can see your referring domains, mobile site performance, traffic queries, page results and rich search results. Google Search Console integrates with Google Analytics so you can easily pull reports that will give you insights to optimize your website. 

One of my favorite GSC reports is the Queries report. This report tells you the actual search terms users enter when your website is served up as a response by Google. This provides huge insights into your top performing keywords and content. 

The organic keyword report ranks the top performing keywords and variations that Google found on your website.This is another tool that tells you how Google is interpreting the content of your site. 

Google Search Console also lets you see the average ranking of your website urls for queries and the number of clicks on your website URLS from a Google Search results page (not including Google Ads).

Adding your website to Google Search Console is a simple process. 

  • Sign up for Google Search Console  https://search.google.com/search-console/about
  • Once you’ve signed up, follow the steps to verify your website
  • When your website has been verified, ask your marketing agency to add your Google Search Console to your Google Analytics account.
  • For more information about Google Search Console go here: Search Console Help

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