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James Moorhouse

Expert Marketing Related Services including Lead Generation, SEO, SEM, PPC, E-Marketing, CRM, SCM and More to help Your Business or Law Firm Grow


Our Clients

David Baker – Intellectual Property & Business Attorney

“Having Known and worked with him for several years, I know James to be an incredibly knowledgeable and very talented marketing professional who readily understands the importance of metrics applied to every marketing campaign and the ultimate goal of client development. He is current on the latest technologies available for marketing and advertising and has a strong grasp of the strengths and weaknesses of the dizzying array of options available to professionals and businesses seeking to expand their client and sales base. And, above all, he is a consummate professional who is not afraid to let his clients know the truth about the effectiveness of their previous marketing efforts and the likely ROI on the projects he proposes.”

Michael Kelly – Family Law Attorney

“James has been working for me as a consultant for over a year now. Prior to hiring his services, my internet presence was average at best. Now, I currently have the #1 position organically on many targeted keywords. On over 50 plus other keywords I am still ranked on the first page of Google too. Most of my business comes from Google of which James has made happen and continues to do so. My firm also appears just as dominant on Yahoo and other search engines as well. If you want great service at reasonable costs, contact him today.”

Namish Ladhawala – Owner, Fairway Chiropractic

“Mr. Moorhouse has helped my business grow through the internet. I noticed my web presence had been lower than other providers doing the same services. I needed help to stay relevant in today’s Information Age. Through his expertise, he was able to increase our Google rankings and have greater backlinks to reconnect our website through different paths. I am very grateful for his services and recommend him to others that need help navigating todays’ internet. The changes happen so rapidly that trying to do it yourself is frustrating and takes away from concentrating on your own business. James will help you and is very accessible. He takes the time to devise a plan, set goals, and show you how he will reach these goals. I am truly grateful for his help.”

Jordan Bell, Marketing Agency Founder

“Ah, James! He’s one of my favorite consultants to work with. He always has a really detailed view of any project he’s working on, and I can see how valuable he’s been to his clients. Often, as a marketing agency the internal consultants are not super friendly to “outsiders” because of territorial issues. But James is the exact opposite. He comes from the mindset of “leverage your partnerships for the client’s benefit” and so all the work we’ve done together has been smooth and successful. James is always available for marketing and operations discussions, and has such a high level of commitment and integrity to make those projects work. I’ve really enjoyed my time getting to know James, and taking on various projects (and hard ones too!) with him. I’m thrilled to recommend him for anyone considering working with him.”

"Master the topic, the message, and the delivery" - Steve Jobs, Co-Founder, Apple"