Internal Link Essentials for Law Firm Websites

With all the digital marketing channels available in today’s market, it’s sometimes easy to forget that your website is one of the best channels to reach more users. Specifically by simply creating internal links within your website you can help google better understand your website’s pages and how they relate to each other. The bigger your website is the more important it is to include multiple internal links. 

When adding internal links, it’s important to think strategically. Only add internal links where they make sense in your content and where they improve your client’s journey on your website. For example, if you have a page that addresses DUI laws in your area, adding an internal link to the attorneys in your firm that specialize in these types of cases or an internal link that takes the user to DUI case studies is a smart strategic approach to internal linking. This type of linking helps Google and other search engines understand the importance of this page and its content.

Well placed internal links can improve your SEO ranking in searches by helping search engines interpret and prioritize your pages. With a deeper knowledge of your pages and website, search engines rank your website and pages higher for relevant searches.

A general rule of thumb is to create internal links about every 300 words for long form content. More is not necessarily better. Your internal links should feel natural to your users. Again, placing internal links where they make sense and are relevant to the content on the page are the most important decisions for maximizing your SEO benefits. Too many links will dilute the positive results from internal linking.

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