Discovery Ads Are A Valuable Legal Marketing Tool

Most Law Firms use Google Ads as part of their fundamental marketing strategy. PPC has a history of providing consistent lead opportunities for many legal services. Often law firms set up campaigns and then leave it and forget it. Taking this approach can minimize ad opportunities like using Discovery Ads. For law firms that have a good lead conversion history and are looking for ways to reach a broader audience this is a great marketing channel to consider.

Discovery Ads were introduced by Google in June 2020. These ads go beyond Google’s search platform and are shown on YouTube as well as Gmail’s Social and Promotion Tabs.  Discover Ads are more visual in nature and rely on imagery to highlight your services. 

Unlike traditional Google Ad campaigns, Discovery Ads do not rely on keywords to target audiences. Insteads Discovery Ads rely on machine learning based on target audiences to display the ads. They are designed to reach audiences when they are ready to purchase a new product or service. Discovery Ads reach people who are displaying high intent behavior. As such these types of Ads will not display in user searches.

Since these ads rely on machine learning, advertisers are limited in some of the campaign settings that can be manually adjusted.  For Discovery Ads you cannot adjust ad rotation, delivery method, placement targeting or bid strategies among other things. 

Discovery Ads can be used to drive potential clients to your website, sign up for an event, contact your firm or sign up for your newsletter. These ads provide an excellent opportunity to increase brand awareness, reach new audiences and reconnect with past audiences. To learn more about Google’s Discovery Ads go to their help page: Google Ads Help

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