MultiMedia First SEO Continues to Grow


In 2022 Google prioritized MUM for SEO searches. “MUM” stands for “multitask uniform mode” which is really just a technical way of saying that Google can now search by language, images, text, audio and video. This innovation has been driven by an increase in mobile first experience among online users. Ultimately the implementation of MUM should allow users to get answers to their questions with fewer searches.

MUM can understand information from various types of  formats like webpages, pictures and videos, at the same time. While MUM is not a ranking factor for SEO, it’s clear that the more modes you use to emphasize keywords in your SEO content, the more likely your website will appear in user searches.

As an example, writing a blog about DUI defense strategies in California is a good SEO strategy but including images and video in the blog increases the chances that the blog will rank higher in user searches. As we approach year end and planning for 2023 this is a good time to review your SEO content. If you haven’t been using a couple of images in your blog posts or articles, set a schedule to go back and update those SEO pages with images. 

If you have video content on YouTube that is related to written content on one of your website pages, make sure to include a link to the video within that content. If you don’t have any video content, start thinking about how you can add that to your SEO strategy. Google updates continue to focus on multimedia SEO so this is the time to update your content!

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