Should You Support Social Causes In Marketing?

It used to be that companies never talked about political issues or social causes openly. In today’s world, Millennials and Gen Z consumers are more likely to seek out companies whose values are aligned with their own. Modern consumers want to support companies that are contributing to causes they care about. That’s not to say that law firms should start including top causes in their marketing.  Authenticity matters. If you decide to take a position, only support causes that are important to the type of legal services you provide and are aligned with your personal values.

As companies are more pressured to speak out on social causes and political issues, it’s important to internally determine which issues you will speak about in your marketing and social media, and which issues you will stay away from. Based on surveys, two top issues among consumers today are Climate Change and Civil Rights. 

Recent surveys show that 63% of people are more likely to buy from companies that speak out about politics. Politics & Branding  Making the decision to take a stand on important causes is complicated and can backfire if not done thoughtfully.  

One way to make a statement is to use images that support your views. For example, if you want to show support for Civil Rights, make sure your marketing has diversity in your images. The diversity reflected should also reflect the demographics of your ideal client. 

If you are a Divorce Attorney and support Civil Rights you could have a Diversity Month on your Social Media channels and on your website that speaks to the unique challenges that minorities face in divorce such as finding an attorney they identify with that they feel understands their situation or the prejudice that African American men deal with regarding their desire to fully participate in the lives of their children after a divorce.

Understand that simply making a statement about a cause is viewed as ingenuine. If you do decide to support a cause, make a financial pledge, or sponsor an event focused on the cause. If you’re not comfortable taking a position, then don’t do it.

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