The #1 Way to Increase Lead Conversion

There are few things more frustrating for a law firm than seeing their phones ringing but not seeing any increases in revenue.  I’ll let you in on a secret, it’s even more frustrating as a marketing professional to see one of my clients experiencing this situation.  Why? Well if the phones are ringing I know my marketing strategy but if the law firm isn’t generating revenue they don’t know the marketing is working. So, why isn’t the law firm converting more leads?  In short, poorly trained staff and lack of internal call processes.

To get the most benefit from your marketing leads, you must have a staff that is trained to convert calls to appointments.  Anyone who answers your phones needs to be trained in how to promote your firm as the best solution for the caller’s problems.  Then they need to get the caller to schedule an appointment.  After all, the goal for your marketing campaign is to generate more revenue for your practice which means you need to schedule appointments. 

Do you know what your appointment scheduling ratio is?  This is an important 1st step in improving your lead conversion rates. This number will tell you how many appointments are being scheduled versus the number of callers. If you had 10 calls and 5 of them made appointments then your ratio is 50%. Ideally you want this ratio to be 70%+. 

The #1 way to convert more leads is to have a call intake process.  Here are some tips on how to get to the 70%+ scheduling ratio:

  • Have one intake person designated to receive your marketing calls.  This person should be one of your most experienced and should fully understand your current marketing pieces including any special offers.
  • The first order of business is to get the callers name and phone number in case they get disconnected.
  • Next is for the intake person to inquire how the caller found out about the firm and why the caller is reaching out today.  What problem do they need solved?
  • Your intake person needs to have at least 3 differentiating factors that they can use on the call to make your firm special.  In other words, reasons the caller should make an appointment with YOUR firm. For example, if the caller says, “I got injured at work and my employer doesn’t want me to file a workers comp claim.” Your intake person should respond empathetically and also say, “Our attorney, Mr. Smith, has years of experience handling situations exactly like yours Mr. Caller.  He understands your situation and concerns and will help you achieve the best result.”
  • Never quote fees over the phone!  When cost is requested your intake person should indicate that all cases are unique and they don’t want to misquote fees without knowing the facts.  They should let the caller know that fees will be discussed as part of the initial consultation and that the firm works with clients to make fees affordable for their budget.

These are some beginning basics to improve your call conversion rates and retain more clients.  I will be posting more articles soon about how to improve your conversion rates. For more tips read my blog post from January 5, 2021

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