Writing Effective Google Ads

I love Google’s Ad platform for local businesses. It makes writing ads, testing them and tracking their results uncomplicated.  As with any ad, content matters and there is a lot of competition among law firms.

Google Ads has some rules that you will need to follow. There are also a few rules to follow to make your Google Ads relevant to audience searches. Sticking to these rules will help your ads perform well and help you accurately track their results.

Rule one, keep your focus narrow.  Most law firms offer several services for clients but trying to cover all these areas or generalize your services, does not work well for Google Ads.  If your largest areas of practice are DUI, Personal Injury and Workers Compensation, you will need to create and run ads for these areas separately.  Ideally you’ll want to run a few ads for each area of your practice.  

Rule two, determine your advertising goal for each ad.  Google Ads give you 3 choices for your ad goal, but for most firms, the goal will be to get more calls.

Rule three, determine where your audience will be directed after they click your Ad.  This may depend on the type of service you’re promoting.  For most personal injury practices I recommend sending them to your Google Business Profile.  This profile shows your Google Reviews and gives viewers the basics about your firm.  By going here, they easily see your reviews which are critical to generating calls from your Google Ads. They can always get to your website through there if they want to get more in depth information about your practice. 

Rule four, write your ad conforming to Google Ads character limits while attracting your target audience. To maximize your character limit, research keywords for your intended ad. In this case, DUI Experts was chosen as the top headline because local competitors are not using it as often as DUI Attorneys but it was a highly used search term for audiences seeking help with their DUI charges. Another widely searched phrase  was California DUI Attorney so we chose that as our second headline. Top Ranked Legal Team created strong results in other ad campaigns so we are using that as our 3rd headline.

After this step you will select some keywords from several suggestions by Google Ads or use your own keywords.  The maximum allowed is 10 but 5-7 is good.

Then you will select the distance from your law practice that you want the ad to be displayed.  A good rule of thumb is to stay within a 20 minute drive from your practice, further if you’re in a rural area.

Lastly you will pick your budget and launch your ad!  Google Ads is an effective way to attract clients for some legal services but even this legal marketing channel works best when based on solid research and quality content.

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