What’s More Important, Strategy or Content?

Within the Digital Marketing World, especially within the Legal Marketing channel, finding a marketing agency or consultant who is good at both strategy and content is rare. A good strategist will get your website in front of audiences and a good designer and content writer will keep people engaged on your website. So which is more important to your marketing campaign?

Of course they are both important but the priority can vary in degrees depending on the campaign you’re running and how long your practice has been in business.  For example, if you are a newer Law Firm trying to get your name into the community then focusing a little more on strategy (70% Strategy/ 30% Content) may make more sense.  If you are a seasoned Law Firm with deep roots in the community, then focusing more equally 50/50 would be a better approach.

Strong strategists are exceptional at planning your digital marketing campaigns, developing a successful PPC strategy and helping you maintain a solid brand image across multiple channels. These types of campaigns typically require a robust monthly marketing budget.

Going back to our previous example of being a newer Law Firm, if you are restrained by a small budget, then focusing on SEO through content is a more conservative approach.  The trade off here is that a content heavy SEO strategy will take more time to generate meaningful results.

Content strategy helps you engage with new audiences that visit your site as well as keeping current and past clients returning to your site. Many marketing agencies will hire outside writers to help with content because it is a specialty.

Whenever you plan a new marketing campaign it’s important to determine what strategy and content approach will help you achieve your goals. To ensure you are allocating the right amount of thought to each area, rely on your marketing agency for guidance.

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