What is a “Microsite” & Do I Need One?


Many people will tell you that a Microsite is the same thing as a Landing Page.  I respectfully disagree!  A Microsite can be the same as a Landing Page but a good Micro Site is more.  These sites are sometimes called Minisites. Microsites are designed to promote a specific service (DUI help, Work Injury, Auto Accident). attract clients for a new attorney with a specialty within your practice or promote an event you’re hosting.

Microsites are much smaller than a website and focus on a specific service or attorney.  They can be as simple as a single page or have several pages. Since they are designed with a very specific goal in mind, they can be much less complex than a traditional website.  Personally, I think the most effective microsites are 4 pages long.  This is enough space to educate, engage and rank well in SEO.

Large websites, which are common for attorneys, can be overwhelming and confusing for many audiences.  Additionally, the primary website for attorneys is generally more formal than a microsite. Ideally, a microsite should be a concise, vibrant, highly responsive site that engages your audience and provides a Call to Action (CTA). Using microsites should be limited, using several of them will actually harm your SEO results.

Microsites are an excellent way to reach new audiences and promote your Law Firm. MIcrosites also promotes you as an expert in the subject of the site.  An example of a good microsite in our current market would be a law firm who represents tenants who are being illegally evicted in spite of the current Covid eviction moratorium.  The site would be specific to this area of eviction, would be easy to find and create a simple call to action for evicted tenants who want to retain legal representation. Another idea for a microsite is a “Divorce Mediation” site. This would attract an audience that may want to work with their estranged spouse to settle matters quickly rather than hire an attorney to fight over various issues.

Whatever your goal when developing a microsite, never duplicate content from your primary website.  Write new content or Google will penalize you with reduced SEO ranking due to duplicate content. Below is a link to an example of a legal microsite:

DUI San Diego (Microsite) 

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