What Does Your Online Audience Want to See?



Your online ads, social media posts and SEO tools all need to be designed to drive your audience to your website. Getting your potential new clients to go to your website is only part of the equation, once they are on your website you need to meet their expectations.  

Keep in mind that many people searching online for an attorney have never hired one before and can easily be overwhelmed and intimidated by the process of hiring a law firm. Design and write copy for your website that is easy to understand and makes your firm feel friendly and approachable.

Identify concepts that most speak to the type of client you are trying to attract. For example, if you specialize in elder care law you want your online presence to convey compassion and caring. If you are a personal injury attorney you’ll want to convey the ability to achieve high dollar settlements.

Conveying a friendly but professional image includes careful design, quality images, thoughtful color schemes, easy navigation, high speed and always a CTA (Call To Action). Every aspect of your site should be conveying the same message.

Surprisingly many studies over the past few years have indicated that your website visitors are not that concerned or interested in where you went to Law School.  They are much more interested in WHY you went to law school, why you chose your area of legal practice and what you enjoy the most about your profession.  People feel emotionally connected to firms that share their values. Spend time really working on this part of your website.  Writing a brief story about your ‘why’ is good but a video is even better!  

Here’s an example of a typical legal “why” video.  This is better than not having one at all, but it’s not very personal.  Why Video

Here’s a  better one.  This one is more personal and the attorney is relaxed, that’s the key!  We learn a little about the personal values of this attorney. Better Why Video

I’ve seen some attorneys who are just too formal in their offices have someone film them while they’re driving around their town (in casual clothes) talking about their childhood and why they became an attorney. This format is highly relatable and even shows some prominent local attractions.

There’s no rules here, just make your “why” authentic and relatable.  

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