Using QR Codes to Drive SEO

When we think of QR codes many people think of consumer products, but in reality QR (Quick Response) codes are really useful for SEO and for tracking marketing campaigns.  What is a QR code? A QR code is a type of matrix bar scan that can be read by your mobile phone. The QR code provides information about the marketing piece it’s attached to and can drive people to your website. 

QR codes can provide a direct link to a website, article, attorney profile or special offer. Using a QR code makes it easy for people to navigate to these areas without trying to type URL’s into their small phone screen.

QR codes were all the rage a few years ago but then they started to fade.  The Covid Pandemic brought them back in a big way. QR Codes are a touchless way to share information so they are popular these days.

86.6% of smartphone users have scanned a QR Code at least once in their lifetime and as many as 36.40% scan at least one QR Code every week. QR Code Statistics 2021

With numbers like this, at the very least, you should consider having a QR code on any printed marketing pieces you produce, including business cards. Making your site and content easily accessible with a QR code increases traffic to your site and google will take notice. A QR code can also be used to take a reader to a specific area of your site that is related to the printed material. 

Another QR code use for printed materials is to generate likes for your social media or take viewers directly to a review for your firm. This makes a like or review much simpler for your reader and thus much more likely that they will take the action you’re encouraging.

Generating a QR code is pretty simple. There are a few sites that can help your marketing staff do this. Two sites you can try are:   QR Stuff and Kaywa QR Code.

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