Top 3 Areas to Focus Your Marketing Budget in 2021


During 2020 we’ve all made some big adjustments to how we do business based on the Covid-19 pandemic.  Some of the biggest changes in the “new normal” have been in the marketing industry.  To be successful and profitable marketing professionals had to quickly ramp up their online marketing presence to compensate for the decline in traditional marketing channels such as billboards and events.

Recently HubSpot and Canva surveyed 500 marketing executives to determine where they plan to focus resources in 2021.  Since the survey respondents reported an average 47% increase in web traffic during 2020, it comes as no surprise that they plan to invest heavily in digital marketing in 2021. HubSpot Respondents are also prioritizing updates to their website design and content in 2021

Many of my recent articles have focused on converting more leads, investing in content and paying attention to design.  Coincidentally the marketing executives surveyed indicated that these three areas will be the ones they will prioritize in 2021. Email marketing and Company Blogs were listed in the top four ways that marketers rely on to connect with their audience.  Many in the survey said establishing a company blog will be essential for success in 2021. Design also plays a key role in content.  Per the survey, articles and blog posts that contain images receive 90% more total views than text-only content.

Below are the areas the marketing executives want their companies to dedicate more resources in 2021.HubSpot

Marketing 2021

When you take all this data into account it really comes down to focusing on providing value to your audience in 2021.  This sounds so simple and it is simple but it’s not easy!

To provide value you will need to embrace digital channels, “…digital channels now account for almost 80% of multichannel budgets, with digital advertising and search advertising taking nearly a quarter (22%), social marketing (11.3%) and website (10.4%) topping the list.”   Global Marketing Alliance


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