Tips for Ranking Higher on Key Search Engines

When writing specifically for SEO, content can become monotonous and mechanical. Google knows this!!! This is why writing quality copy that appeals to readers and  incorporates keywords will improve your google rankings. 

Google recognizes and rewards good copy.  To maintain high ratings within key search engines you need to use keywords but you also need to write copy that people like, want to read and will share.  This is the “holy grail” of moving higher in the Google Rankings. In short you need to use copy that appeals to google’s algorithms and your human clients.  This is a tough balance but to be successful in today’s intensely competitive online market, it is critical.

Here are some examples:

Copy written just for SEO:

“Want to hire a personal injury attorney?  Look no further, here are 5 tips to hiring the   

best attorney for your case.”

This description uses important keywords for SEO but sounds mundane and programmed. 


Copy written only to attract readers:

“Are you looking for a good attorney that is trustworthy to handle your case?  Here is 

where you will discover the 5 things to look for when hiring an attorney.”

This description may appeal to readers but it doesn’t use keywords that google recognizes.


Copy written that uses SEO and appeals to readers:

“Have you been injured in an accident and need to find a trustworthy personal injury 

attorney?  Here we share 5 tips with you to find the best local attorney for your 



Quality copywriting will move you up in the key search engine rankings by creating more backlinks, reducing your bounce back rates, encouraging comments and shares, and keeping an above average click through rate.

As more companies compete in the online market, Google’s algorithms continue to improve and punishes sites that don’t have quality content that is read and shared.  By using quality copy you can move your site from 2nd or 3rd page rankings to 1st page rankings. Doing this requires keeping up to date with current keyword trends and regularly writing copy that appeals to both readers and algorithms.

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