The Bridge to SEO Success

It’s often said that the bridge from failure to success is persistence.  In the world of SEO I would revise that slightly and say the bridge from failure to success is consistency.  So many law firms trying to improve SEO start strong and either quit completely, don’t stay consistent with content or they jump from strategy to strategy.  All of these options lack consistently which is fundamental to SEO success.

If you want to catch a bus and you wait at the bus stop long enough a bus will eventually stop.  If you keep going from station to station to try to catch a bus you may never catch it. Persistence in SEO includes persisting with content.  You need to be consistently posting new content to your website, your blog and your social media.

Your content doesn’t need to be spectacular!  It simply needs to do one or all of the following 3 things, educate your audience, engage your audience or entertain your audience. To remain consistent with posting, develop a Content Calendar.  This is a calendar that will list your sources and when you will post to them. Having a calendar will keep you consistent and provide a visual of your content for the year. This doesn’t have to be fancy, you can easily set up a functional spreadsheet in excel or download a free template from HootSuite or HubSpot. Having the calendar will help you stay focused and committed to consistent content.  This is the key to long-term SEO success!

Ideally you can plan your content for the year but at the very least you should plan it by quarter.  You can begin by filling in any major events you may have throughout the year and then build content to promote the event.  Also consider doing some holiday focused content around major holidays. This will help you start filling in your calendar.  Make sure your calendar includes a blog schedule and social media posting schedules.

For a small law firm you can create a spreadsheet with some basics:  Platform/ Marketing Channel, Date of Post, Time of Post, Subject of Post, number of images used, Type of post (video or text, and a link to the post/ blog. 

Once you start using a Content Calendar you will also have the ability to look back and identify any patterns for your content by entering the results of the posts, i.e., 134 Likes, 4 Shares, 10 Click Throughs to Firm Website, etc…

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