Surprising 2020 Legal Marketing Statistics

When you consider that at its most fundamental level, marketing is about building relationships, some of the statistics below are surprising.  What’s not surprising when reviewing this data, is why so many law firms struggle with developing a successful marketing strategy.

Websites are one of the best marketing tools for any business, especially legal, medical and financial businesses.  Clients seeking professional services are making a significant emotional and financial investment and earning their trust is not easy.  One way of building trust with this audience is to appear “relatable.” The 97% of law firms who don’t have any personal content on their site are missing a big opportunity to develop trust with their audience.  See the graph below for other ways law firms are losing chances to connect with their audience and gain new clients.

When it comes to marketing budgets, the data shows that law firms are struggling in this area as well. Many don’t have a marketing budget at all!  For those that have a marketing budget and are working with marketing professionals, 40% of them don’t receive any reports from their marketing team and 60% of them don’t have access to analytics to help them make good marketing decisions. Not having the ability to monitor your marketing results makes it impossible to improve your marketing strategies!  Bottom line, if you aren’t getting reliable, consistent reporting from your marketing team or agency, you need to find new marketing professionals.

Lead conversion is another area that isn’t being managing well.  Having a successful marketing campaign doesn’t translate to new clients if staff are not handling your calls correctly. Having a detailed intake process in place before you begin an inbound marketing campaign is integral to success!

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