Solving Problems for Clients is More Important Than Ever Today

Problem Solving

You’ve probably noticed that prices are going up on almost everything from gas and groceries to homes and travel. News reports and even the Federal Reserve are beginning to mention inflation concerns. People are starting to be more cautious with their spending.  All this means competition among law firms to get new clients is getting more fierce than ever!

As people become more concerned about costs it can become very easy for law firms to fall into the trap of competing on price.  This is never a good strategy and ultimately law firms who compete focusing on price will find themselves in a race to the bottom.  This is a race where there are no winners, including the client.

Rather than focus on price, law firms need to focus on the value they bring to clients and the problems they solve.  Look at your top competitors and identify what makes your law firm different from them. Any perceived negative can always be presented as a positive. It’s all about creating the right message and delivering it to the right audience. If your firm is smaller and more personal and your competitors are larger firms, focus your marketing message on the personal attention and family feel of your law firm.  If you are a large firm and your competitors are small, focus on delivering a message that your attorneys are highly specialized to meet specific client problems.

Continuing to gather online reviews is also important. Ideally getting two reviews a week is a good way to stay current with reviews.  You can also email clients a review form and ask them to complete it.  If any of the completed forms have highly complimentary results you can contact that client and ask them if you can use their comments on your website.

Get resourceful and creative to let your audience know that you are the right law firm to solve their problem.

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