Social Media Marketing vs Social Media Ads

It’s pretty common as a digital marketer to see law firms that duplicate their online content for social media and social media ads.  It simplifies their online strategy and many firms think it’s an effective way to market on social media platforms.  This is simply not true!  While it’s understandable to lump social media and social media ads into the same bucket, they are actually very different types of marketing.  Adding to the confusion are the many articles and information that use these terms interchangeably.

On a basic level, social media posts are free and social media ads are paid forms of marketing. Social media posts create engaging content that shares experiences, valuable information and your firm’s culture with your audience.  Ideally, your social media posts will have lots of images and videos to help attract and retain your audience’s attention.

Your social media activities should also include engaging with other users’ content by liking posts, commenting on posts and being actively involved with online groups and communities.  This type of activity is one of the most effective ways to increase your audience and grow brand recognition for your firm.

Social media ads are similar to any type of advertising except they are online.  They can be targeted to a highly specific audience.  These ads can be used to promote your firm, your website or a white paper or a special offer.  Unlike social media marketing, social media ads always have a CTA (Call To Action). These ads can be incredibly well-targeted depending on the platform. Often you can specify the location, age, gender, income and occupation of your ideal audience.  

Both forms of marketing are beneficial for law firms and can generate leads.  Social media marketing is a long term strategy to maintain and strengthen relationships while social media ads provide better near term results. 

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