Should You Start a Podcast?

Podcasting for Lawyers

It seems that everyone has their own podcast these days. So the question many lawyers ask themselves is when they should start a podcast but maybe they should be asking whether they should start a podcast at all. Podcasts can be hugely successful for increasing SEO but not everyone should use this marketing channel for promoting their practice.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before determining if a podcast is right for you.  Do you have a big personality?  It takes a lot of personality to attract and retain audiences. Are you passionate about your topics? Podcasting requires genuine passion and enthusiasm for your topics on a consistent basis.  Do you have the time to commit to podcasting?  While you can outsource portions of the work, most of the time-consuming, hard work will be done by you as the podcaster. Creating a podcast, editing the material and producing it takes several hours.  Can you compete against big media for audiences? There are some big players in every profession in the podcast world. Do you like the ability to analyze your marketing results? Podcasts still don’t offer much in the way of specifics in terms of their effectiveness. For example, it’s difficult to determine how many people are listening and impossible to determine how long they listened. It’s also difficult to determine the demographic that’s listening.  

Pros & Cons of Podcasting

If you have committed to having a podcast at some point, then take the time to create value starting today.  The best ways to create value that will help improve your SEO and provide a foundation for a future podcast is to write blogs and appear as a guest on other podcasts.  Appearing as a guest will give you some exposure, provide reinforcement that you are an expert in your field and introduce you to podcasting.  

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