Retargeting Is Smart Marketing

If you haven’t been using Retargeting Campaigns (aka Remarketing) as part of your paid marketing strategy, you’re missing out on some great opportunities. In a nutshell, retargeting reminds users who have been to your website that you are still relevant. It encourages the user to return and complete a form, place a call, whatever call to action they did not take when they originally visited your website. 

If you watch your website statistics closely then you know that most first-time visitors to your site don’t take any action. In many cases those visitors will be lost to you forever unless you can get in front of them again.  

Unlike other campaigns, Retargeting Campaigns focus on users who are familiar with your Law Firm through your website or social media.  Retargeting campaigns rely on cookies to track users who have visited your social media page or your website. To utilize remarketing strategies, you must have a piece of code or pixel added to your website. This code attaches a cookie to each user so that you can target them later for remarketing. Any users who disable their cookies will not be able to see retargeting ads.

During a Retargeting Campaign, only specific users that have been targeted will see your ad. Currently, there is a lot of concern about online privacy so the rules and opportunities for retargeting are changing. Specifically, Facebook has made changes to its retargeting policies.  Always check Facebook and Google for their latest policies before you develop your retargeting campaigns.

As with all your digital campaigns, make sure you invest time in writing quality content for remarketing purposes.  Also, consider an alternative medium. For example, if your target user responded to a PPC ad, why not use video for retargeting?  Be creative and limit the number of times you retarget users. 

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