Quality Content Remains #1 in Search Trends

There is a new internet search rival to Google.  Neeva, a new player in the online search game, is betting on a different model for search engines to make revenue. Instead of selling ads, Neeva charges people $4.95 a month for a search engine that focuses on quality content with no ads. It claims to deliver more accurate, relevant results to audiences with the added bonus of privacy. Neeva blocks third-party trackers.

Neeva was started by former Google executives who believe “the current state of search is broken. Mainstream search engines no longer primarily serve the user. They are littered with advertisements, burying organic search results far below the fold.”

To learn more about Neeva, go to their site: Neeva

In an environment where consumers are willing to pay for services like Amazon Prime, Netflix and Apple Music, Neeva is betting people are willing to pay for an ad free search experience. If Neeva is right, then Law Firms will need to up their quality content game with well written, consistent quality content on their website.

Consider the results below:

   GOOGLE SEARCH:  Divorce Attorney Fresno California

NEEVA SEARCH:  Divorce Attorney Fresno California

Regardless of how long it takes for Neeva to gain search engine market share, it is a reminder that quality content always benefits law firms. Relying on Google Ads or other promotions will never be a successful replacement for quality back-links or well researched, well written copy on your website and blog.

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