New Year’s Resolution – Back Up Your Website


There are few things more stressful than losing your website suddenly.  You have marketing campaigns active and you have no website. In the past month, I’ve witnessed two clients lose their websites.  In both cases it was a hosting issue and in one case the host was a well known and respected company.  Things happen and servers can crash even among top level hosting companies. 

When your site is lost there is usually someone who has a back up, even if it’s your original website developer.  Here’s the problem, that backup is a file from the day the backup was made. In other words, if your developer has a back up from September 2020, then none of the content or changes you’ve made since then are included in that back up file.  If someone else has made those changes you will need to pay them to update your site again.

Instead of relying exclusively on your website host to keep backup files, you need to keep your own back up.  This is something that you can set up easily and run monthly.  Assign someone in your practice to this task, or ask your marketing agency to do this for you.

Depending on where your site was created, there are free tools/ plugins that will allow you to back up your website files and even schedule an automatic back up. Within WordPress there are several plugins that allow you to back up your website:

  • Updraft
  • VaultPress
  • BackupBuddy
  • BlogVault
  • BoldGrid Backup
  • BackWPup
  • Duplicator

Some of these are free and some have a monthly fee. Whatever you decide to do, this should be a top priority since hacking is becoming more common.

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