Marketing Versus Sales

Marketing and Sales are frequently confused and often considered interchangeable. In reality they are two very different things. Marketing and Sales do compliment each other, however their roles in generating new business are distinct. Marketing is used to create an interest in your firm’s services, sales is the process of converting a prospect into a new client. An engaging, well planned marketing campaign does make the processing of converting prospects to clients much easier. 

While marketing does work to create sales, not all marketing needs to lead to an immediate sale.  Often, marketing is done to establish connections, promote your legal brand and differentiate your firm from your competition.  Examples of this type of marketing are social media, podcasts and blogging. 

Marketing takes a long-term perspective whereas selling focuses on a shorter term goal of capturing new clients.  Frequently marketing creates a need for consumers and sales confirms that your services can meet that need. In other words, marketing provides the groundwork for sales by generating prospects and sales nurtures those prospects with the goal of converting them to clients.

For legal firms, effective marketing communicates the value of your firm.  Your staff acts as your sales team by confirming your value to the caller or prospect. Your staff should reaffirm your value and confirm what makes your firm unique.  Aligning your marketing and sales messages creates better communication with prospects and internally, increases transparency and promotes a collaborative environment within your firm.  According to HubSpot, organizations with good alignment of their marketing and sales messages achieve 20% revenue growth on average annually.

Most people have a negative opinion of “being sold” by a pushy salesperson. However, if you have done a good job of marketing your firm you won’t need to push someone into retaining your services thereby avoiding the need to aggressively sell your services. You’ll simply need your staff to listen to the prospects needs and assure them that your firm can meet those needs and exceed the prospect’s expectations. 

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