How Do Consumers Choose Attorneys?

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Many studies have tried to identify how consumers choose attorneys. The end result of several studies is that the exact way consumers choose their attorneys remains somewhat tricky and can change based on local market preferences and bias.  However, some broad generalizations can be made from the research that has been done.

The three main components that factor into consumers searches for attorneys include, personal referrals, google searches and online reviews.  How consumers prioritize those components varies from market to market. Notice that one of the main components is “google searches” not online searches.  Google remains the dominant online search engine by a strong margin with 86% of people using it. If you’re considering using anything other than Google to drive SEO and visits to your website you should reconsider.

Additional data shows that people looking for an attorney spend a substantial amount of time on doing research online with estimates that over 50% of people spend between 1 day or more conducting online research. This is why creating quality content and backlinks are still the best tools you have for generating organic SEO.

The third component, online reviews may be the most impressive.  Estimates indicate that over 90% of consumers looking for an attorney used reviews as part of their selection criteria. There are many review sites and resources for attorneys to use. Selecting the best platform for your client reviews is getting more complicated, However, with 86% of consumers using google for searches, then it makes sense to include google reviews of your services. 

While it’s easy to be distracted by the latest digital marketing fads, always keep in mind the basics are the foundation for your online success.  Keep your local consumers at the top of your priority list, consistently add new content and images to your website and always ask happy clients for reviews.

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