Google Analytics Data Every Law Firm Should Track

If you’ve ever reviewed your google analytics report you know it can be overwhelming!  In this article I’m going to help you identify the primary data law firms should review monthly or more frequently depending on the size of their firm. 

Users: This tells you how many visitors have come to your site. This report can be split into Organic, Direct, Paid Search, Social and Referral.  If you are writing SEO content for your website you’ll want to focus on the number of organic users. If you are using PPC you’ll want to see the users for paid search, if you’re using social media with links to your site you’ll want to see the users for social.  In most instances, SEO will drive the largest number of users to your site, so if you are not posting regular, meaningful content to your site, you’re missing a lot of traffic.

Landing Pages, Page Views, Pages Per Session, Average Time on Page and Exit Pages: What pages are driving people to your site, in other words, what page they land on when they go to your site, what pages your users are spending time on, the average number of pages viewed per session and the last page your users visit before the exit your site. This data gives you a picture of how users are interacting with your site.

Bounce Rates: This measures how many people visit your site without taking any specific action, i.e., filling out a contact form, clicking on an email link, clicking on a phone link, interacting with a chat bot. Bounce rates under 50% are considered good.

Devices: This data tells you how many users visit your site from their computer, tablet and mobile device.  Typically the mobile device (cell phone) category is by far the largest.  This is why it is critical to ensure your website is responsive (mobile friendly).

Source/ Medium:  This data shows you how users found your site, Google, Bing, Safari, etc…  Most of the time Google will represent the highest number, especially if you have a SEO strategy or use PPC.

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