Facebook Ads Are a Must In Legal Marketing

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Facebook has created an amazing platform for targeted legal marketing.  With more than 1 Billion daily users, It’s hard to imagine any law firm that is not using Facebook’s platform!  If you haven’t been promoting your Facebook Page and participating in Facebook Groups, you are missing an impressive opportunity to attract and retain new clients.

The biggest reason Facebook is such a good marketing opportunity is its ability to narrowly target your audience.  Facebook Ads let you target an audience based on multiple criteria including, age, location, interests, careers, political affiliations, marital status, education, life events and shopping behaviours. You can make your target audience as narrow or wide as you want for each ad.

You can also tell Facebook to target a “lookalike” audience to the audience that currently follows your company Facebook Page.  The possibilities for targeting your ads are endless! Below are the general options for Facebook Ads. 

If you don’t have a Facebook Ad in mind. Review your Facebook Page and look at the posts that generated the most likes.  You can repurpose these posts into Facebook Ads.

As you can see, creating an audience for your ads is very simple! Once you’ve created an audience you will have the ability to name it so you can use it for future ads. If you make your audience too narrow (use too many criteria) Facebook will let you know and you will be able to make adjustments until your audience is broad enough for your ad goals.  Similar to Google Ads, Facebook Ads allows you to set a daily and monthly budget for your ads.

I’ve addressed the need to identify your target audience in prior articles. This is still an important 1st step for any marketing to be successful.  Always think about who your ideal client is and then target your marketing for this audience on Facebook.

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