Evoking Emotions with Color


I’ve addressed the need for thoughtful design layout and strong content for your marketing campaigns in previous articles.  If we think about the foundation of all good marketing it would be 3 things: design layout, content & color.  These are the 3 most fundamental things that all successful marketing incorporates.

Humans are so visual that color plays a much bigger role in influencing purchase decisions than we would like to believe. Color is one of the first components of marketing that audiences experience. Color should not only be visually appealing, but ideally your color choices will stimulate emotions related to your service or product. 

Scientists have known for years that colors elicit emotional responses in people.  Many studies have been done to determine if there are universal colors that are favored by people. Dr. Sally Augustin, PHD says, “It’s interesting, you ask people worldwide what their favorite color is, and most people prefer blue.”The second favorite color universally after blue is green. But is there a color most people dislike? Augustin notes the least favorite color worldwide is yellow, as well as yellow-green. So, if you mixed yellow and green, then mix some more yellow into it, you’d have the world’s least favorite color. The Psychology of Color

People make multiple subconscious judgments about a person, environment, or product within a few seconds or minutes or seeing them. Color is a major player in this initial impression. The effects of color in marketing are both subtle and powerful. When you think of familiar brands and their marketing, you can see color used effectively.  Neuroscientists have established a direct physiological connection between the effect of color, light, and mood.

When you are designing your logo or your marketing campaign it’s best to stick to two colors. Think of the most popular logos, Nike, UPS, FedEx, Coke, McDonalds, all of them use two colors. When designing your website you will want the colors to be the same as your logo. Color consistency is a primary component of branding and making a  lasting impression on your audience.

Below I’ve shared with you the basics of colors and emotions and how they can be used in marketing.

Color and Emotion Chart


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