Delivering Positive Experiences During Covid-10


Ensuring clients have a positive experience is always a priority but during this pandemic it is even more important to deliver that experience. Even the most successful marketing campaigns cannot overcome client’s negative experiences and reviews.

Here are some of the best ways you can provide a positive experience for clients.

  • First Impression:  Whether it’s on the phone or in person, making a great impression is essential.  Make sure your welcoming staff is warm and friendly. If you are meeting people outside your office lobby to check temperatures or ask questions before they enter your office space, remember to be reassuring and empathetic to their safety concerns.


  • Office & Lobby Space:  Less is better!  Remove excess furniture and decorations. Don’t leave out books or magazines that may have been touched by multiple people. Make sure you have plenty of hand sanitizer available in your lobby area. Keep that space sanitized and inviting.


  • Zoom Meetings: Use a live video to introduce yourself and educate your clients about your firm and how you can help them.  Let them know that your office is following sanitary procedures for Covid-19 so that clients who prefer meeting in person feel safe.


  • The Golden Rule:  Always remember to treat your clients how you would like to be treated! Ask questions, listen with purpose and ask them what their most important goal is during this meeting.


  • Last Impression: How a client feels when they leave your meeting can make a big difference in how they emotionally connect with your firm. Show a genuine interest in them and their problem. Make sure you call them by name when they leave and connect with them on a personal level by mentioning something you know about them.  Don’t ever let someone feel like they are being rushed out of your office.

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