Creating High ROI Marketing Campaigns

Every law firm I’ve ever worked with can tell me a story about a marketing pitch that caught their attention with it’s great message, high tech strategy or the ability to reach an ideal demographic.  What most law firms cannot tell me is why those campaigns didn’t work.  They had so much promise but ultimately didn’t deliver meaningful results.

Developing a targeted, thoughtful marketing campaign makes your marketing a smart investment for your practice. When you lack this disciplined, strategic approach to your marketing campaigns you are spending money, not investing it.  I say spending because your results will be mediocre at best.

One of the most important steps to creating a quality marketing campaign, is to set the proper goals.  Are you a new practice that just wants to get new clients?  Do you want to attract a specific type of client (DUI, Trust Planning, Real Estate….)?  Do you want to increase revenues from current clients?  Do you want to increase your referrals? Do you want to attract middle-age clients or a younger demographic?  Each goal requires a different approach and strategy.

Second, determine your budget.  Keeping your goal in mind, establish a realistic annual, monthly and weekly budget for your marketing campaign.

Third, identify the ideal demographic to receive your message.  This requires spending some time doing research on your target audience.

Fourth, decide what marketing channels you want to incorporate into your campaign (postcards, PPC, Google My Business, SEO, Email …) Now that you’ve identified your target audience, you need to figure out what marketing channels are the best tools for engaging that audience.

Fifth, identify the data you will need to extract from your media channels and how you can get that data.  For example, can you measure how many emails are opened, how many are responded to and how many are never opened? Do you have an internal process for documenting how new clients discovered your firm?

I could easily list out several other factors to consider when you plan your marketing campaigns. The point is, don’t let yourself get distracted by a witty message or engaging marketing agency.  Try to be disciplined in your approach and always develop a strategy before you launch any marketing campaign.

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