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In our digital world there are dozens of places to market and spend money.  If you’re a large law firm with multiple offices and a large budget, being everywhere is a strategy that seems common.  If you’re a smaller firm, this strategy can wreak havoc on your marketing budget while producing poor results.

The sheer variety of online marketing platforms today reminds me of the word Peter Lynch created in 1989, “diworsification”. He used this word to describe companies that were expanding beyond the services and products that made them successful.  They were no longer aligned with their core values and competencies. He warned investors to steer clear of these companies as investments because inevitably they would lose money. 

This is often the circumstances that I find when a new client comes to me for help. They’ve tried being everywhere and they haven’t been successful.  It’s frustrating for smaller firms to try to compete online with larger competitors.  It’s also nearly impossible for them not to fall into the trap of trying to be everywhere online. For small firms the end result of pursuing too many online strategies and channels is that they end up nowhere.  They are spread too thin and putting themselves in direct competition with their large corporate competitors.

For smaller firms, identifying their true strengths and value to their clients is the best starting point.  Taking the time to make this evaluation is the key to targeting your online strategy.  The most successful digital marketing strategy for smaller firms will be to dominate the local search market. Using long tail keywords that focus on your values and strengths as a firm.  

On the surface this seems to be an easy strategy, but in reality it is complex, requiring significant data analysis, research and discipline.  Sticking to a strategy that may look like less than the “be everywhere” approach but over time proves much more successful is challenging. It sometimes generates fewer initial calls and appointments but those callers are more aligned with your values. They are more likely to hire you AND refer you. 

Again, it sounds easy but having the discipline to stick to this targeted strategy is tough!  There are many distractions and strategies promising the newest technology and platforms that are competing for your marketing dollars.  Spreading yourself too thin online will never provide the results that keeping focused and disciplined will provide.  

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