7 Proven Ways to Boost Your Blog Posts

Blog posts are one of the most effective ways to generate organic traffic to your website.  Once you’ve written your blog post you’ll want to get as much online exposure for it as possible. To maximize your blog posts and create more visibility for them, you can implement a few of these proven techniques.

  • Make sure you have looked for the most popular keyword searches for your subject and incorporate those keywords into the copy. Using synonyms for keywords is also effective to prevent your copy from becoming mundane and repetitive.  Search engines like Google recognize synonyms for keywords.


  • Use high-quality images that accurately convey the subject you are writing about.  If you don’t have in-house photos that work, then use a source like Istock  https://www.istockphoto.com/ or Getty Images https://www.gettyimages.com/. Make sure to use alt tag descriptions that incorporate keywords for your pictures.


  • Make your formatting reader-friendly by using bullets and highlighting important phrases. This will help make your content more visually appealing, especially for readers who like to “skim” read.


  • Spend time creating a title that incorporates keywords and attracts readers. For more on this, refer to our recent blog post “Why Writing for SEO is Not Good Enough”.

  • Write a good meta description (elevator pitch) for your blog. Your meta description should be 150 words or less. This is where you tell the reader what your post is about using keywords


  • Add social sharing buttons to your blog and encourage readers to share the content.


  • Provide a call to action for the reader to contact your firm for more information, make comments, download a guide, etc….



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